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Revolutionizing sentiment
to accelerate start-ups
like never before.

Revolutionizing sentiment to accelerate start-ups like never before.

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Solidefied is the world’s first Web3 launchpad accelerator that pays users and gives start-ups valuable live market feedback from investors to ensure optimal raises and an unparalleled launch experience!

Connect, Raise funds, and get Paid-to-Rate
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Welcome to Solidefied

your web3 journey

made simple

For users:

Step 1

Get Paid to rate

Are you a crypto fan? Get paid for your sentiment and due diligence!

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For start-ups:

Step 2
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Apply for Incubator

Start your journey into Web3 by making a company profile with Solidefied.

Step 3
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Create A Pitch Video

Pitch your start-up to the masses and get them excited about your vision.

Step 4
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Market Feedback

Get valuable feedback on your project and ideas. See where the market thinks you're bullish or where you could improve.


The Solidefied Launchpad offers end-to-end support for Web 3 start-ups with its in-house accelerator and fundraising platform. Projects will also receive an exclusive sentiment score offered only by Solidefied.

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Done by a distributed network of Web3 market participants, sentiment scores evaluate start-ups across a variety of different factors and provide invaluable live market feedback that measures the quality, viability, and bullishness of a project.

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Governor NFTs

The Governor NFT is capped at 250 and grants unlimited access to sentiment assessments and governance.

Access Card

Web3 Marketplace


Looking for Web3 service providers? We've built a marketplace for that! Connect with numerous projects and talent looking to build in the crypto space!


$RAISE Token Utility

The $RAISE token is the heart of the Solidefied protocol. Holding or staking $RAISE unlocks the paid-to-rate functionality for users and is required to be purchased by start-ups looking to use our protocol. Every revenue-generating touch point within the protocol will require $RAISE.

  • staking Staking
  • access Access into the Launchpad
  • shield Access to Sentiment assessor / Pay-To-Rate privileges
  • money-bag Platform payment token
Raise Private sale no back

Our Amazing Team Members



Founder and Acting CEO
Hargobind Gupta

Hargobind Gupta

Founder and CTO


NFT Utility


Advisor - Ex Google
Gary Wolff

Gary Wolff

Ahmet Can Gunalp

Ahmet Can Gunalp

Head of Finance
Richard Viscasillas

Richard Viscasillas

Legal Advisor
Sergio Castro

Sergio Castro

Media and Art Design
cris Montoya

cris Montoya

Partnership lead


Blockchain Developer


The Solidefied team has spent the past 18 months bootstrapping & building. We are finally ready to show the world what the future looks like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Things we get asked a lot

Solidefied is an easy-to-use DeFi and crowdfunding platform and web3 service provider marketplace that leverages the power of blockchain technology, DeFi, and NFTs, and simplifies it into a single, unified DeFi suite.

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